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Ernesto Dolani women's Shoes and Sandals for women

All Ernesto Dolani collections are driven by an ongoing desire to disrupt any conventional image of what a shoe should look like.
The brand focuses on an aesthetic composed of liberating lines that incorporate and at the same time remove everything that preceded it until then in the world of "shoe craftsmanship".
Ernesto Dolani exists between sanctifying white and condemning black, between idealizing perfection and embracing imperfection, preserving subversive artistic expression as well affirming contemporary aesthetics.
All Ernesto Dolani shoes have a technically sophisticated but apparently crude stylistic code that also makes use of asymmetry, or rather, of anthropic contradiction.
Among the brand's values are also respect for the environment and human value, starting with the use of leather of non-animal origin and production entrusted to the experienced hands of the masters of footwear from the local community.

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